Round of Applause

Regular Adventurer's Little Black Dress

This very nice dress from a catalog company I hadn’t known about before––comes in plus sizes.  Not the elbow-length sleeves–a fave of mine.

Not everything in the catalog comes in plus, but a pretty decent range of things does, including this spiffy tunic

Regular Clay-Dyed Cowl Tunic

and this  nicely cut tee (elbow-length sleeves again)

Regular Rib City™ Scoop-Neck Tee

and this nifty-for-travel skort thingy

Regular BeFree Transport Skort

They also have jeans with interesting and comfortable waists, a really cute sweatshirt fabric jacket and a lot of interesting shoes and tees. The clothes sort of remind me of the stuff in the Patagonia catalog–an intersting mix of crunchy-funky-classic-basic that’s very versatile and high-function.  I haven’t decided what to order yet, but I’ll keep you posted.



2 thoughts on “Round of Applause

  1. That tunic thing is adorable! I need.

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