Around the World

I haven’t had much to say lately, for which I apologize. Truth is, I haven’t been able to write much for several months–a combo of factors ranging from the looming Big Birthday to simple mental exhaustion to, well, nothing really very interesting have produced a pretty heavy Existential Crisis. The EC, while it is surely a First-World Problem (a term I have some problems with, but which applies here, I fear) is nonetheless a crisis, even if it is Boring and involves lots of self-absorbed whining. Funny how lots of things that involve very real pain and dislocation are actually boring and whine-making…

Anyway, I ran across this beautifully thorough and wise Aussie blog on FB and decided to give you the link:

At some point or other the writing will come back and I’ll be back to fuss and fume and fulminate on matters of living in physical bodies. Meanwhile, there’s good stuff there. Go read it.

BTW, The Onion has a lovely piece recently about how men are being traumatized by being forced to look at increasing numbers of images of normal women (as in the Dove ads). I wish it were more of a satire than it is, but it’s heartwarming to see the issue satirized at all. Image

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