What Goes Around

I should be doing other stuff (I should pretty much always be doing other stuff–no matter what I am doing at any point. I have got to get some sort of handle on my life, and soon), but this came up on my FB feed this morning:


Short version: Louis CK has a segment on his show about how his character won’t date a smart, funny, cute fat girl. She notes at one point that she flirts with a lot of men, including “hot” ones, and how the attractive guys flirt back without worrying about being seen talking to her hurts their image, but the schlubs like Louis CK won’t give women like her a chance precisely because they’re concerned about their images. But read the full piece. It raises a juicy bunch of issues–including the fact that it’s okay for large (up to a point) men to eat tons of food in public.

Her point about hot guys flirting back is well-taken, though I have to say I’ve never been entirely sure how much pity and self-congratulatory charity is involved in some of them flirting back, somebeing a very important word there, since there is also the distinct possibility that some others are genuinely flirting back and have more expansive tastes, so to speak. I’m kind of a universal flirt (or have beenwe’ll see whether that lasts into my 60s)–gender-wise, age-wise, rating-wise. I think it’s good for people who are old enough for things to not be creepy to be flirted with, period, as long as no one mistakes it for anything other than what it is.

But, back to Louis CK. Mostly I just wanted to congratulate him on his honesty and willingness to lay his own hypocrisy out there where it can become part of the larger conversations about men and women, about fat men and fat women, and about fat and not-fat folks interacting. It’s a menschlich move on his part, and when someone with that visibility makes that kind of choice, it helps lots of other folks with their own heads and hearts. It’s a healing move. So thank you, Mr. CK. I tip my hat to you.





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