So, John Oliver has gone after Dr. Oz. If you don’t have HBO, then you can watch it here:

If you do have HBO and you’re not watching “Last Week Tonight, ” well, I hardly know how to emphasize sufficiently that you SHOULD be. His interview with Stephen Hawking alone justified his existence.

I’ve ranted about Dr. Oz and his breathless (he calls it “passionate”), panic-based, hyper-hyperbolic style of offering medical advice. The fact that he is generally wearing scrubs while delivering this “advice” only doubles the manipulative-crapola factor. But someone, somewhere seems to have decided it was worth taking a shot at him and he actually got called before Congress to testify about the snake oils he shills. Since I have very little faith in Congress’s capacity to do much of anything worthwhile these days, and I’m reasonably certain that no actual legislation strengthening the FDA’s ability to control the garbage that is out there claiming to do everything from save you from Alzheimer’s to make you thin forever (Oliver makes the reasons for this extremely clear), I assume that some legislator had a bug up his (I say his not to indicate that I’m unaware that there are women in Congress, but because there are so damn few of them) butt. And because I’m the sort of person who makes up backstories for everyone I watch at airports, I’ve made up one here where some plump congressional wife took one of Dr. Oz’s “miracle” supplements hoping to miraculously un-plump and either got sick or just didn’t lose weight.

However it happened, the footage of Oz whiningly stumbling his way through his congressional testimony was beautiful. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer (by which I mean schmuckier) guy. Perhaps he’ll grow from the experience, like the Grinch (whom he does look a little like, come to think of it…). Whatever. I don’t specifically wish him harm, but insofar as he experienced a brief period of serious discomfort while under oath before Congress, it was justice. And, insofar as the whole thing may cut into his credibility (which I wish I thought it would), that’d just be more justice.



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  1. cathcarter says:

    The whole pandering section at the end was just delightful. 🙂

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