Blogging Around

As many of you know, wordpress is set up to send you to the blogs of folks who like your blog posts. It’s interesting. I usually do go check them out–seems only civil–and it’s a bit weird how often they turn out to be weight loss “blogs” of one sort or another. Maybe I shouldn’t cynically assume that these folks mine wordpress for pro-body, fatospheric blogs and “like” the latest entry just to snag people they’re sure need their services, but experience indicates that this is a not unlikely scenario. So, since I’ve never actually been Trolled, I shrug and move along with my life. But sometimes a gem turns up. One turned up today, in response to yesterday’s post, and I’ll pass it along to you because, well, the woman who writes it is smart I like her voice:

She is also a coach, but if you live near her, she sounds like someone worth working with. Sane and positive and aware. The sort of coach I’m happy to support, rather than the I’ll-make-you-thin-and-then-you-can-maybe-like-yourself-as-long-as-you-suffer-enough-along-the-road types I’m kind of, um, leery of.

We use some of the same images, like this one:

round goddess

2 thoughts on “Blogging Around

  1. ebay313 says:

    I always assumed that blogs trying to sell weight loss in some way simply search around for related terms (like fat I guess?) and then blindly like or follow to get followers. When I first started my blog I was trying to follow back anyone who followed me, but I got to many things like that, which I have no interest in following.

    • fatmatters says:

      Yep. I actually had a fairly intense discussion with one of them, who turned out to be a relatively big-gun sort of LA trainer. Don’t really know whether I got through, though for a while he actually seemed to be trying to listen. No way to know. Mostly, I just ignore them. Mostly I tell myself that they’re just folks who’re trying to make a living in a tough world and are spouting the stuff they’ve been fed. And I try not to think about how much damage they do or perpetuate…

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