Bitching Around

Just because it’s angonizingly frustrating to those of us who are round that some people are just plain skinny by nature/genetics/disposition doesn’t make it okay or useful to hate them any more than it’s okay for minority folks to hate majority folks, or non-normative folks to hate normative folks. Sheesh, it’s tough enough being a round peg in a narrow-normative world without wasting energy on hating those who happen to fit. Not that I haven’t been guilty of it–envy is a cancerous beast, and I have to fight with it all the time. That’s human. But loathing begets nothing but loathing. Which begets more loathing…

If I despised all the friends who have things I don’t, it’d eat my entire brain. Cripes, making the list alone would take an afternoon. And I’d be a despairing, self-loathing tangle of bitchery at the end of the afternoon.

Skinny people who work at it have bodies.

Skinny people who don’t work at it have bodies.

Fat people who are somewhere in the “engages in healthy behaviors” range have bodies.

Fat people who are fat for complicated reasons, or genetics, or whatever set of reasons have bodies.

Bodies deserve kindness. Or, at the very least, courtesy. Right? Ditto the planet that holds all those bodies.

That’s kind of an important thing if humans are going to make any progress. Which is looking increasingly critical. We are screwed up around here (by which I mean Earth), and spending way too much time figuring out who to hate.

Here endeth today’s sermon. round goddess



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