Roundhouse Punch.2

For the record, and before the medical folks who read the blog feel it necessary to chime in, I am not saying that obesity does not pose any risks to either general, or pregnant health. But so do a zillion other things that have nothing to do with body mass (like, do you live on land that used to be farmed? Do you live in a high-pollution area such as, say, Beijing? Do you not take prenatal vitamins because you don’t like pills? Did you get pregnant while on any number of prescription drugs? Are you underage? Overage? Have a chronic disease that hasn’t yet manifested? One that has? Was your mother a nutjob who refused to have you vaccinated for no good reason?). As long as you’re not fat, you can be pretty certain that you won’t have some jackass with a medical degree (a D.O. in this case, which makes it worse, since supposedly they’re trained to see the whole person in context–my GP is a D.O., so I do not suffer from that particular prejudice–in fact I kind of expect more from them than from MDs) treat you like you’re undeserving of basic decency. Which is not to say that there aren’t plenty of jerks out there practicing obstetrics and treating “normal” women horridly, there are, but being not-fat increases your chances of being treated civilly considerably.

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