Round Sex

I will pass over in silence the NYT’s reaction to the scene in question. I’m working hard these days on being less enraged by things that aren’t actually killing humans or the planet (the GOP, corporations–you know my usual list), though one could argue that the sort of reaction the Time’s Judith Warner had is a denial of the humanity of fat people, which is a kind of killing. But we’ll assume that her reaction is a result of her living in a sort of everyone-I-know-is-at-least-thin-and-intellectual sort of NYC bubble.

Anyway, here’s the nice xojane piece about the sex scene inĀ Homeland, which I don’t watch, so have no general opinion about:

And here’s a picture of Second City with Emily Walker (her membership of which suggests that she’s extra-talented). She’s the redhead:

  • ... <b>Emily</b> <b>Walker</b>, Mike Kosinski and Chelsea Devantez in The <b>Second</b> <b>City</b>
    I will say that Warner’s response is worse, in some ways, that the reactions of the press the first time they saw a black human kiss a white human on screen. Worse, actually. The NYT would never have thought of reacting to that as “weird,” or suggesting that the white person was terrified.